Designing a Research Instrument: Survey

Effective design and implementation of a research instrument such as a survey is considered both challenging and crucial part of any research. Several books and articles were written to guide the process. Such materials provide support for both novice and more experience researchers by providing them with a number of best practices and guidelines. This is one way to show how crucial research instruments such as survey design is for good research where by we will be able to measure what we expect to measure. Thus findings from research studies can be more useful for our practices in the real world beyond the research settings.

As a doctoral student in the learning sciences and technology, I am interested in both research and development. I believe that our research findings will be able to change the way we do things in the educational environments. Research helps us innovate and enhance our work as educators. We find great many possibilities as well as great many challenges when conducting research in education especially research involving students and teachers and the learning environments.


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