Big Question in ANOVA?

It’s been a several weeks from the beginning of this semester since I am introduced to this concept of Analysis of variance or ANOVA. All semester up untill now, I have been thinking about ANOVA and what it is meant to use this statistical analysis? So many wonderings that are not very clear up until last week.
Last week, while I was trying to answer the take home mid term exam, it occurred to me what the big question in ANOVA is and all these different types of ANOVA’s trying to answer one big question. This means that, I should be able to use Wiggins & McTighe’s Understanding by Design. approach to look at this topic.

Big Question:
“Are these things different from each another?”

With this big question in mind, it makes more sense and little easier for me to look at visual representation of how the ANOVA is trying to answer the big question. I found the VISUAL ANOVA tool from Utah very useful tool for this purpose.

Visual Anova is a Flash Move which demonstrates visually how variability between and within experimental groups contributes to the F ratio. It is not a numerical calculator; rather it visually and holistically demonstrates the relations among important concepts. Visual ANOVA is supported by online instructionsand by an extensive online lecture explaining the theory behind the Analysis of Variance. The online lecture is supported by two types of assignments: 1) Online computer-graded homework, and 2) A pdf file that gives students the opportunity to do handwritten homework problems with answer keys.


One Response to Big Question in ANOVA?

  1. I like this post. I would love to add to your great post about ANOVE concept for beginners . There are two hypothesis must be examined
    1 the null hypothesis, it is assumed that the all groups have the same variances or means
    2 the alternative hypothesis, at least one of the variances or means differs.

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