Technology Curriculum Resource

Over the past few years I came across several technology textbooks that are written for the middle and secondary grades. These products are intended for use in the classrooms and they also include both teacher support materials as well as student books. In general, these textbooks or curriculum support materials help students

  • attain the technological literacy.
  • experience and understand the technology design process.
  • familiarize with the technologies in everyday life
  • to assess their knowledge and abilities.

The following list is not based on any form of rating or evaluation of the products.

  • Introduction to Technology

    Student Text (Hardcover)
    Introduction to Technology  By: Pierce & Karwatka

    By: Pierce & Karwatka

    Introduction to Technology helps students understand and work with technology. The seven units of Introduction to Technology cover: Nature of Technology – why we study technology and its important concepts; Engineering Design – how technology works including design, problem solving, drafting and modeling; Communication, Biotechnology, Manufacturing, Construction and Transportation. Students will learn about technology and do technology.

    See the Book Contents

    • Technology: Shaping Our World

    By:  John B. Gradwell

    Technology Shaping Our World

    Technology: Shaping Our World is based on technology’s underlying physical and scientific principles. The text is written to help students understand the technological world around them. The importance of materials, energy, people, and information to all technological activity is stressed. Problem solving and design applications are supported by various activities throughout the text. Written for middle school/high school introductory technology courses, this book is a leader in Technology, Science, and Math (TSM) integration. This versatile text can be easily utilized in a variety of technology education modules.

    ( to be continued…)


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