Inspirations 101

Finally..I have my own blog. Hurray…!

Two year ago, I was a little hesitant to publish my thoughts on the Internet especially because it can be hazardous to my teaching career. Unfortunately, even today, I believe many teachers in the Maldives and here in US feels the same way. After I started my masters program in Instructional Technology, things changed for me. As I experience all the latest technological innovations I realized the need for sharing my knowledge and experiences with others and the ease with which I can do it.

Still it was not enough for me to get going and start sharing my knowledge outside the walls of a classroom. As an instructional technology graduate student I was obliged to try the technological tools and learn with them. So I started blogging and have several blogs where I wrote weekly reflections and communicated project progress with others.

My past experience taught me number of valuable lessons which will help me to write this blog better. Let me tell you about two of those here.

  • I found that I don’t enjoying writing as much as talking but to be successful blogger I need to write regularly and frequently.
  • Blogging can be annoying at time especially when you have to keep up with all the readers and their comments and provide feedback to them. But its vital for any blogger to communicate with the readers and make connections not only by replying to comments from readers but posting entries that are interesting to them.

To sum up, I believe I should live the change I like to see in our education system. I hope my blog will inspire some of you to start writing your own blog or communicate and learn with technology. Also, I want to be a person who helps remove some of the obstacles to adopting technological tools so that all of us can start seeing the benefits I see in my own experience.

What do you think?


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